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Naturopathic medicine

Here at Pure Health Medical, we have a very special and unique practice that celebrates health and offers individually tailored medicine to really treat the root cause of your health concerns! We congratulate the patients who choose to invest in their health in spite of resistance and societal pressure to take another approach. What we find most satisfying is when patients understand that health and wellness is an ongoing process, and worthwhile endeavor for as long as you cherish life! Naturopathic care will add years to your life, but more importantly, add life to your years!


Our very unique initial health assessment is broken down to two office visits. During the first office visit, we go over your whole health history in great detail, from the moment you were born to present health. Then we look for more clues from your body through extensive physical exams. The doctors will then take your file home with them to study your case thoroughly. They will come up with a comprehensive treatment protocol, from any dietary recommendations, things you can do at home to improve health, supplement recommendations, therapy recommendations, etc. During the second office visit the doctors will go over your treatment protocol to make sure you are on board and ready to tackle your health issue!


From digestive issues to chronic fatigue, to diabetes, to hormone issues, to autoimmune disease, to headaches, and much more, we will find the root cause of your health concerns and treat your whole body so that not only does your symptoms go away, but you will start to have a vibrant healthy life! Whatever health issues you have, we can help you get better!

7 Principles of
Naturopathic Medicine

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