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Ketogenic Diet

Have you been a “diet-er” your whole life, and now you’ve hit a point where even if you cut down your portion size you are stuck at the same weight? Or are you someone that works out and eats a balanced diet but still can't seem to lose weight? There is an explanation to all that, and a solution to your weight problems as well! The secret is to train your body to burn your own body fat for fuel.


The ketogenic diet is a “high fat low carb” diet that will push your body to burn fat for energy source. We were raised in an era where we were taught to fear fat. We were told fat was bad and it even became a negative descriptor (e.g. “do I look fat?”). But fat is not what makes you fat, in fact it actually helps you lose weight while significantly increasing your brain clarity and energy. Your body was designed to run more efficiently as a fat burner than a sugar burner, so start making the shift today!



Ketogenic Diet Package (4 weeks / 8 weeks) Includes:

  • Introduction to ketogenic diet with guided meal plans and instructions

  • Weekly body measurements to keep track of your success in weight loss!

  • Weekly B12/ Lipotrophic injections to boost metabolism, energy, and fat burning

  • Weekly diet consultation and nutritional counselling to assure healthy weight loss.


“I dealt with confidence issues all my life and had weight issues since forever. I thought I tried everything out there to losing weight. But Dr. Alice wanted me to try ketogenic diet, and she explained everything in such detail, that by the end I was like heck yeah I can do this! And I lost 18 pounds in the first month and 10 pounds in the second month.”

— Sam H, 46

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