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Meet Dr. Alice Jeong

Hello! My name is Dr. Alice Jeong, and welcome to my office! This is a very special and unique clinic that really celebrates health and offers tailored care to each individual that walks in through the doors so that they may become the healthiest and the most vibrant selves! My goal is to teach you all about your health so that you can start taking ownership and full control of your own health. But first, let me tell you a bit about myself so you can see why I am so passionate about your health.


Being born as an unhealthy child, I experienced first-hand the pain that comes with the various illnesses such as anemia, heart murmur, migraine, many allergies, and anxiety disorder. I was referred to many specialists and was prescribed few too many drugs. However, despite taking these drugs for years and going through many medical examinations, my condition only worsened over time. I remember the frustration I felt that the very things that were supposed to make me feel better was making me worse, yet I didn’t know any other way. However, I knew I wasn’t a quitter! I enrolled myself into biology in college to get myself on a track to becoming a doctor to figure it all out and help those who share my frustration.

Once, a woman came into the office carrying her 5 year old son, Harley, in her arms. Little Harley was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis since he turned 4, and was screaming and crying from the pain in his knees daily. He was in 15th percentile for his weight compared to other boys his age because he refused to eat, and would often throw his food back up. Harley’s mom had to carry him in her arms because he couldn’t walk anymore. She told me her husband doesn’t want her to see a naturopath because he thinks Harley’s illness is severe and that he needs strong drugs to correct it, not some natural remedies. I told her that I have not seen a child as young as Harley with JRA, but she can count on me to give my 100% during every visit and that I will not quit on him. Within couple weeks, Harley’s mom was in tears when she said Harley was not crying as often, and there were some days that he was pain free. It was then that Harley’s father started coming to Harley’s appointments as well and started to support his naturopathic care. By two months he has gained significant weight and was now in the 40th percentile, and best of all, Harley was now walking through the door on his own two feet! 

I think about them often. Who was the real hero? IT WASN’T ME! The real hero is Harley’s mom, who showed incredible strength and courage to do whatever it takes to get her son better. She put her full trust in me and in naturopathic medicine, not becoming discouraged or allowing her husband and other people deter her from her decision.

My passion is to show love and compassion to those still suffering and feeling hopeless, and to try my absolute best in finding out why the body is not at its optimal health. If you are looking for a doctor who guides you and teach you the ways of a healthier lifestyle at every step of the way to your ultimate health, look no further! I promise to always strive to be that doctor that never gives up on you, even if you feel like you have given up on hope yourself! I look forward to serving you and your family, and would like to welcome you into mine!

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