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Meet Dr. Grace Jeong


Dr. Grace Boye Jeong is a California licensed Naturopathic Doctor with advanced training and knowledge in medical aesthetics, hormone replacement therapy, and intravenous therapy. She graduated magna cum laude from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.


As someone who grew up with insecurities about her skin and body image, she truly understands how significant these factors can affect your self-confidence. She understands that everyone has their own insecurities, whether big or small, seemingly important or not. She has tried countless treatments for her own skin with little to no success, and started questioning why the majority of these renown therapies work well for others but not for her. She then discovered that the root cause of her skin issues originated deep within the body, and once she started treating this, she noticed significant improvements. Since then, she has been a huge advocate for offering a customized approach tailored to each individual’s needs and concerns, as well as treating the root cause of the disease. She also believes the basics to healthy skin comes from a good diet and lifestyle, rather than solely focusing on the surface of the skin.


Her passion lies in helping those struggling with their health and outer appearance, to gain confidence and become the healthiest and the most youthful versions of themselves. She loves promoting anti-aging by treating her patients from the inside and out. Empowering patients to look and feel their very best brings Dr. Grace the most gratification. One of her many strengths is being a perfectionist as it allows her to pay attention to fine detail and precision in observation as well as in performing various hands-on treatments. She also enjoys helping patients reach their goals through individualized detoxes, hormone replacement therapy, and medically supervised weight loss.


In her free time, she loves hiking, doing yoga, spending time with her two lovely cats, and enjoying campfires by the beach!

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