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PDO Threads
A Non-Surgical Face Lift

Reverse Aging. Boost collagen. Minimal downtime.




PDO Thread is a proven technology used in cardiothoracic surgeries and is now the latest technology to help facial retightening. 

This treatment helps to create desired facial contour and lift through the action of absorbable structures  (absorbable sutures are safe medical threads commonly used to hold, mould and seal epidermis/skin tissue). 


PDO Thread Lift is a simple process.


  1. Simply insert the thread structure under the skin at the dermal layer, parallel to the surface of this skin. 

  2. The barbs on the thread allow for immediate lifting of skin. As thread is fully absorbed, it stimulates collagen production.

  3. See tightened skin with immediate results.


Thread Lifting can be carried out on a variety of areas of the face and body with long lasting quality and quick results.

PDO thread.png


  • Easy, safe, and non-invasive. 

  • Instant lifting and tightening of the skin as well as restoring volume and fullness to the face quickly with minimal downtime.

  • Tightens loose skin, wrinkles and lines to look younger. 

  • Non-surgical natural results and quick procedure. 




Rejuvenate and Tighten Your Loose Skin So That You Can Look Up To 10 Years Younger


Lyn Conner


"I have no hesitation in recommending Pure Health Medical. Even on my old and wrinkled skin Dr. Grace managed to work magic! I had the Jowl lift and mesh with PDO threads, and throughout the gentle procedure she kept me informed as to what was happening and what to expect. The threads help to lift and produce collagen, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.
I’m definitely going back for the Anti-aging peel!"

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Judy Morgan


"I would like to give five stars six if possible to Grace at Pure Health medical. She has helped me acquire confidence in my appearance using PDO threads which builds collagen in multiple areas. I was pleasantly surprised to experience very little downtime and the treatments last for up to two years."

Google Stars.png

Angie Schneider


"Absolutely LOVE Dr. Grace and my results!! I've been looking for a more natural way to lift the sagginess around my mouth and do something about the fat under my chin. I know that botox and fillers won't do much for that and my previous doctor told me the only way is to get a facelift by a plastic surgeon. I didn't want to go under the knife....I saw an immediate lift after the procedure and now I'm 6 weeks post, I've been getting compliments left and right about my face. SO. AMAZING. Highly highly recommend her...!!!"

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What are the side effects of a PDO Thread Lift Treatment?

You may experience bruising, swelling, redness, slight pulling or mild puckering of the skin where the thread is placed.

These are normal and will subside within 2 weeks.

What is the downtime?

Appearance wise, there is no downtime. Patients, however, should be cautious of making extreme facial

expressions and avoid massaging the area treated for 2 weeks.

Would I look unnatural?

Unlike a surgical facelift, the results of a PDO thread lift is very natural because the threads are placed following

the natural curvature and shape of the face.

What is the ideal age to undergo a thread lift procedure?

The ideal age range to have this treatment is anywhere between 30 to 65 years old, without excessively loose skin

or drooping of the eyelids. The ideal candidate will have mild to moderate laxity in the skin.

What happens to the thread?

The thread is completely broken down by the body in a span of 4-6 months, and does not create any scar tissue.

During that time, it promotes collagen production to further tighten the lift.

How long does the procedure take?

The thread lift procedure takes 30-60 mins under local anaesthetic. It is frequently called the "lunchtime procedure".

How long does the result last?

Thread lifts generally last up to about 1-2 years.

How much of a lift would I get?

There is an immediate lift seen after the procedure, up to 3mm in change on both sides of the face or neck.

Maximum lift is seen in 4-6 weeks post procedure once the body lays collagen over the thread to further lift the skin.

Book Your Rejuvenation Call

After you fill out the form, we will schedule a 10-15 min education call to see if PDO Thread Lift is right for you.


Dr. Grace Jeong is a California licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor with advanced training and knowledge in medical aesthetics, hormone replacement therapy, and intravenous therapy. She graduated magna cum laude from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.

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