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Updated: Jul 12, 2019


It is so natural for us to want D to follow A, B, C, and for reward to immediately follow any hard work we did, and we want to reap what we sow. However, life does not always work that way, and health certainly does not either. Healing process is NOT linear. But so many health care professionals and patients expect it to be, which only sets them up for failure, and ultimately leave people feeling hopeless.

It really saddens me when I hear statements of submission to illness when patients hit their first obstacle – their first slip, stagger, step-back, or what I call ‘their first zig’ in their zig zag journey to recovery. Doctors are guilty too – so many doctors give up on patients when they don’t see a recovery after they tried the standard couple treatment protocols, and label the patients as a complicated case. Then the patient ends up being tossed around from department to department which ends up diminishing whatever little hope the patient had left in them. How many people around us do we know that have fallen through this proverbial crack in the healthcare system?

Healing journey is NOT linear. Sometimes it can be two steps forward, one step back, and other times it can be three steps backward and one step forward. At times, it will feel like you moved up 10 steps in a second, and other times it feels like you are stuck in the same spot for days. Sometimes it can even feel like you went in circles and came back to the same spot.

The key is to keep your eyes on the target – on the end goal – on the vibrant life you desire and deserve. You just have to trust the journey, and commit yourself to work on your health daily until you reach your goal. Don’t set yourself up for failure with the wrong expectations, but expect that your body is going to take its time figuring out what you are doing to it. Expect the struggles and the slips you are going to make, forgive yourself for making them, and continue riding the journey out.

Have faith that as long as you want health, it is ALWAYS possible.

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