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Migraines! What can you do about it?

Migraines are a type of recurrent, paroxysmal attacks of pounding or sharp headache, that may start from one side of the head and may move generally.

What causes the pain?

Migraine is a vascular issue! The blood vessels in your head dilate, causing throbbing and pounding headache. It is basically an inflammatory illness in your circulatory system of your head. It is often caused by platelet aggregation, which leads to massive release in serotonin, increasing inflammation and dilation of your vessels.

The possible causes of migraines are:

  • Heightened CNS activity (Overstimulation)

  • Food allergy

  • Dysbiosis

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Caffeine and Alcohol intake

  • Drug-Induced (Opioids, analgesics, aspirin/acetaminophen/caffeine combos, triptans)

  • Stress

  • Changes in weather

What are some natural remedies that can help with migraines?

  • Elimination Diet: Detection and removal of food allergens will greatly reduce symptoms of migraine! Common migraine triggers are: cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits, MSG, aspartame, fatty foods, sugary foods, caffeine withdrawal, alcohol (especially wine and beer).

  • Vitamin B6: B6 improves histamine tolerance, which will prevent the dilation of your blood vessels in your head, thereby preventing migraine.

  • Detox and reset gut biome: Dysbiosis is a common trigger of migraine! Metabolic waste of pathogenic organisms may produce headache. H. pylori was detected in 40% of all migraine patients, and eradicating the pathogen resulted in huge improvements in the severity and frequency of the headache in 100% of the patients treated.

  • 5HTP: This is a precursor molecule to serotonin. Serotonin will help increase the pain threshold for migraine and help with the pain.

  • Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs): EFAs severely decrease platelet aggregation, reducing inflammation.

  • Magnesium: Low magnesium is linked to migraine and tension headache. Magnesium is essential for proper tone of your blood vessels and for maintenance of proper blood flow.

  • Botanical Medicine: Feverfew, ginger, and butterbur are one of the most popular herbs for migraine. 70% of the patients who took feverfew for their migraines reported decrease in severity and frequency of attacks.

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